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What is a J. Livingston Bike?

Inspired by John Livingston, these bikes are recycled steel bikes assembled at Bend Velo in Bend Oregon. These amazing commuter bikes started life as 70’s and 80’s mountain bikes and are rebuilt and reborn as practical town bikes. The new owner can totally customize their bike, choosing color, tire color, handlebars, grips, fenders, and many other options. The result is a personal commuter bike, built with a purpose. One-of-a-kind, unique like the owner.

Bend Velo is committed to local business. We currently use a local powdercoater, we now feature custom chain guards produced here in Bend, Oregon.

What is the process involved?

The old bike is inspected and then completely disassembled. All parts are removed and sorted by what can be reused, and what should be discarded (recycled). The stripped frame and fork are then sandblasted and locally powder coated. From there the bike is built complete from the ground up with new hand picked parts. The result is a “rock-solid” practical bike that will serve as the ultimate commuter bike.

What’s so special about a J. Livingston build?

Because these commuter bikes are built to be used everyday for many uses, they have many features not found on today’s “specialty bikes”. We are strong believers that town bikes should have the following items:

Upright Riding Position:

Every J. Livingston is sized and built so that the rider is in a very comfortable upright riding position (handlebars above the seat). These days many of our bikes are built and set-up for an aerodynamic position, that’s great for racing, but not ideal for commuting. J. Livingston bikes are comfortable to ride.


When you have fenders riding in less than perfect weather is not an excuse to drive. Discover how fun it is to zip through a puddle and not get your shoes or back wet. Riding with fenders lets you feel like a kid again. Aim for the puddles!

Racks and Baskets:

Backpacks are fine for backpackers, but weight on your person is not great for riding. There are a number of good strong affordable racks and baskets that make bikes much more useful. A good set of panniers can hold most of what we take along in our cars.


Once you have one you’ll wonder how you lived without one.

J. Livingston bikes are constantly evolving. They reflect the needs of the end user, and strive to make us as a community less dependent on cars. They can be built to order with special colors and designs that best suit the rider’s purpose.

If this sounds like a bike you’d like to own, please contact us or come in to our shop at 1212 NE 1st Street in Bend, Oregon. We are right off Greenwood near Miller Lumber. Thanks.

The J. Livingston Cost of Ownership

Eventually the cost of getting a J. Livingston Bicycle and being a bike commuter is negative! Eventually it saves you money. Consider this list of what you will be saving money on.

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