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Commuting 101

post by: Eric  July 7, 2010

People often wonder what they need to get started bike commuting. Here's a short list of the basics. The list might change depending on your weather, and the length of you commute. 

  • A bicycle. almost any bike will do, some will do better than others. We like J. Livingston builds, that are made for commuting, with upright riding position, racks, fenders, and lights.
  • Lights. Lights are important as the days get shorter, we like Dyno hubs, but the easy set-up is battery operated, front and rear lights. Bend Velo Bike shop in Bend Oregon, has a bunch to choose from.
  • A repair kit. It’s good to carry a small multi-tool, a patch kit, and a spare tube for those inevitable roadside repairs.
  • A lock. Depending on your area, a good lock is important. U-locks are very popular in high theft areas, a good cable lock should do the trick for most low crime spots.
  • A rack or way to carry things.  Many folks just use a backpack, but we favor getting the weight off your person and on the bike. At Bend Velo in Bend Oregon, we love racks and Panniers. We stock a few different models of racks and bags that work on almost all bikes. Come by the shop, and see what options you have for your ride.
  • Desire to ride. This might be the most important factor. Riding as transportation can be a life changing experience. Motivation to ride is key to getting started. Once you start, the benifits will be very apparent. Give it a try, maybe commit to 2 days a week to start, then build on that as you become more comfortable with the process.

That's it in a nutshell, I encourage you to start while the weather is good. Say "Hi" to other commuters you see, be happy knowing that your doing you part to get this country off its oil dependence, and your improving your health, all at the same time, its a win-win. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or come by the shop, in Bend, Oregon. 541-382-BIKE (2453). Eric

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